What is DX in Sales?

DX in the sales department means restructuring the company's sales process along the lines of customer purchasing behavior and using digital channels and tools to achieve total optimization of "customer purchasing behavior" and "company sales activities".

In today's world, where information can be obtained at any time through Internet searches and social networking sites, customers do not need to receive face-to-face sales of products and services as in the past. Some customers may find sales calls or face-to-face meetings annoying because they take up too much of their time, but when DX becomes a reality, data and other information will confirm that the customer's enthusiasm to buy has increased without the need for face-to-face sales, and https://slimtime.co.jp/  only then will a face-to-face approach be made.

On the other hand, the company can not only increase the productivity of each salesperson, but also create new value by accumulating internal knowledge through data on sales talks and customer information. For example, introducing online meetings to reduce transportation and time costs, and using digital tools such as MA and SFA to manage customers, will make sales activities more efficient than before. In addition, by converting customer information, which used to be the sole responsibility of the salesperson, into data, we can expect standardization of customer service and a smooth handover at the time of transfer or retirement.

In this way, DX is beneficial for both the customer and the company, but at present there are many companies that have not yet reached the point of DX, either because they are hesitant to implement it, or because they are satisfied with just "going digital for now" in order to deal with the Corona disaster in a hurry.

The difference between sales DX and digitalization

Digitization is the process of using digital tools to replace some of the sales activities that used to be done by people, in order to improve efficiency and cut costs. The goal is to replace the traditional sales process with digital tools, not necessarily to create new value for the customer.

In contrast, in "sales DX," digital tools are merely a means to an end, and the purpose of using them is to strengthen the company's competitive edge. Therefore, we analyze the customer's buying behavior (the customer journey) to understand the strengths of the company, and after a thorough internal review of how the sales activities themselves should be changed and how they should be operated, we introduce the appropriate tools.

Why does the sales department need DX?

Sales activities, which have traditionally been conducted mostly face-to-face, may seem the furthest thing from DX. Why do sales departments need to implement DX today?

Adaptation to With Corona and After Corona

The new coronavirus epidemic made face-to-face sales difficult, and remote work and online meetings were hastily introduced. Many companies may have introduced these tools out of necessity. However, in the age of After Corona (the new normal), it will be necessary to not only substitute face-to-face sales with online meetings, but also to create a new competitive advantage and create a growth curve for their business by conducting sales activities that are suited to the buying behavior of their customers.

That's all about DX in sales.

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